What is Ant HAL service and Is it safe?

ANT HAL is not like your usual app where they are visible for you to see how they operate. The service usually comes pre-installed in your phone by the phone’s manufacturer.

If you are wondering what it does and whether it’s possible to uninstall it from your phone? The answers to the following questions will help you.

What is ANT HAL service?

ANT HAL is an OS language which is part of the kernel that provides API interfaces and higher level services for some features in phones and tablets. In another word, ANT HAL service shows the types of physical devices present in your phone such as Bluetooth, camera, and other sensors.

Without the this service, some applications will not be able to access or interact with devices and sensors. ANT also facilitates the functionality of fitness devices such as heart rate monitors, pedometers, and other tools.

Is ANT HAL service safe to freeze or delete?

Yes ANT HAL can be deleted or frozen in your phone but to some extent. If you have an app in the phone that needs ANT to function effectively, it will not be wise to delete ANT HAL.

In some cases, deleting ANT may affect the Bluetooth support in your phone. So, you need to be sure it won’t affect anything on your phone.

How did this service app gets installed on my phone/tablet?

The ANT HAL service is usually bundled along with some apps that came with your phone or tablet (especially Samsung and Sony devices). They are there to aid the functionality of some other apps like your Bluetooth or fitness apps.

How do I uninstall this service app?

You can uninstall this service by running Debloater on your PC program as you connect the phone. It’s also possible to uninstall it by going to the app’s settings and disabling the service.

Remember, this should only be done if there is no app supported by the ANT HAL service on your phone.

What is the ANT Radio Services?

This is a system service that comes pre-installed in your phone through the phone’s manufacturer. Also, it may have been attached to the android update service of your phone to link up and communicate with the apps that came with your phone. In most cases, this service comes with the installed apps by your phone’s manufacturer.

Read about Ant Radio Service to learn more about it.

What do the ANT Radio Service and ANT+ Plugins do?

They make sure that Bluetooth connectivity works fine on your phone. They don’t have launcher icons or user interface but run in the background to communicate with your phone’s wireless components such as Bluetooth, NFC, and WI-FI.