SMS Bomber Apk download (Send bulk SMS)

There are lots of apps for cell phones and other types of devices. Some are developed for serious business while others are developed just for fun. The SMS bomber apk is a perfect example of an app or software developed for the latter.

SMS bomber app can be downloaded and installed on the phone. It is used to send duplicate messages to a recipient’s phone as a joke or just to prank them. These apps are very easy to use and do not eat up a lot of data. In fact, it doesn’t even consume data, apart from its initial 4 MB data for download.

After downloading and installing, you will be able to send duplicate messages to a recipient. Sending the message does not depend on poor internet connection, because even an epileptic network on a phone will still be able to use the software.

If you want to know more about SMS bomber and how to use it effectively, this content will help you in a lot of ways. Below are some vital things you need to know about SMS bomber.

What is SMS Bomber APK?

Cell phones generally utilize SMS (short message service in full) to send messages to other cell phones. Users generally send a single message once. But an SMS bomber is a duplicator.

It duplicates this single message and sends it multiple times to a single receiver. This is usually done to prank someone close to you ( a family member or a friend). SMS bomber APK is software that can be downloaded online and utilized to send the duplicate message through your cell phone’s SMS functionality.

Remember that cell phone companies don’t have this type of spam SMS feature in their settings. The software is obtained and downloaded exclusively online. These days, programmers have redeveloped its features to work with specific commands only on certain phones. There are SMS bombers for iphones while there are others that are only compatible with androids.

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How is it used?

There is no special skill required to use SMS bomber. After downloading and installing the software, all you need to do is to type the recipient’s number and specify the number of duplicate messages you want to send to the number.

However, soft bombers usually send unlimited SMS, so it’s important to find out what features your have.

How much does it cost?

Most text messaging companies usually charge you per message. That is how it works with SMS bombers. These are all duplicates you a sending to a single receiver. It will be taken as a single cost and charged that way.

However, there is an exception to this. The receiver may incur more charges from receiving the messages if they have limited texting plan. So, it’s important to verify that the receiver has unlimited plan before sending them SMS bombers. Otherwise, you will end up drying up all their credits. It’s meant to be a prank and it shouldn’t be more than that.

Download SMS Bomber APK

Downloading and installing the SMS bomber is not a difficult task. Just go over to the site and follow the download instructions. There are so many sites you can download the software. Browse a lot of options through Google and make sure you select the one with no malware.


SMS bomber comes with a lot of features that makes it very popular. It doesn’t require much data, is very easy to use, and hides the sender’s id. The following are the great Features of the SMS bomber software

  • It’s easily downloadable online even with a slow internet connection.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • It does not come with ads or popups
  • Supports virtually all types of android devices
  • You can download the software completely free
  • No data collection
  • Different bomber apps have their text limits while some are unlimited
  • The sender is completely anonymous
  • The bomber message cannot be sent from more than a single number

Highlight features

  • The developers enable the app to correct crashes
  • Some highlighted features of the app include call bomber, custom text sender, unlimited bomber, and international bomber.
  • The app is completely safe and secured because of its data encryption
  • It takes less data to operate
  • It’s a free application, but derives revenues from users through advertisement
  • The SMS bomb does not use popup but banner ads for support
  • No malware can escape to your phone through the app. It’s 100% secured
  • The app has already received more than 105,000 downloads since it was launched
  • It’s use-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge
  • A very small size of 4 MB, which makes it very easy to download
  • Data is not demanded from users
  • The app bombing feature does not work 24 hours. It works normally during the day.

How to use it?

Before using the SMS bomb, you need to download and install first. Below are the steps to install the software into your android device.

Once you have downloaded into your PC or android, follow the following steps to install.

  • At the directory you stored, select the Apk file and go over to the settings.
  • Then install the app by enabling the unknown sources from the settings. This is very important before any installation can be complete.

Using Guideline

After successfully installing the SMS bomber, you can follow these steps to send duplicate messages.

  • Go to the launcher icon to open the app.
  • There, you will see different options. Choose the bomber type you intend to use.
  • But for your own convenience, it will be more ideal to select the “unlimited bomber” option. This option will give you the chance to manually stop the message whenever you feel.
  • When you have opened the app, there’s a section where you will type of recipient’s number you want to send the bomber message.
  • There are two options you have when entering the number; you either select the recipient’s number from a list of your contacts or entire the number manually without your zip code.
  • Once that is done, you are set to start using your SMS bomb.

This app is one of the easiest apps to use. In fact, downloading and installing the app is even harder than using it. Anyone can make use of the app, and it’s important to understand the legal implications of sending a stranger a bomber test.

Remember this is meant only as a prank to someone very close to you. It is not intended to spam people unnecessarily.

What is new in this latest version?

There are some latest developments in the SMS bomber app that will even make it better. The free text service is one of the new additions to the previous models.

Again, the developers have added delay feature for those who which to send messages at odd hours. The text can be delayed and sent at the right time the user wants. Some of the new added features of the latest version include:

  • Extra API has been included
  • New anonymous SMS included
  • Delay feature included to create room for adjustments in bomber
  • Call limits added
  • Completely new UI
  • Free text service included


SMS bomber APK is text messaging rave of the moment. It is used to send bulk duplicate message to a single number just to prank the recipient.   This software was developed for fun and it should be used slickly for fun.  The app is very easy to use once you have downloaded and installed it in your phone.

Interestingly, you are not going to pay more than your charges for a single message when using this app. Even if you are sending unlimited messages, as long as you are sending a single message to one recipient, the SMS Company will only charge for that single message. So, in essence, the software is free to use.