How to save a Photoshop as PDF in a minute

You can save any file format to PDF using Photoshop. Here is the step by step guide on save photoshop as PDF.

1. Open the desired file in Photoshop which one you want to save as PDF

Photoshop to PDF

2. Then go to “File” from Photoshop menu bar

photoshop save as pdf

3. Now select “Save as” from the drop down menu OR press Shift+Ctrl+S on keyboard

how to export pdf from photoshop

4. You can see a popup window now. Find the “format” option (Located just below the File name)

5. Select “Photoshop PDF” from drop down options.

6. Click on “Save” button

7. Now un-check “Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities” box. This will reduce the file size, so you can email the PDF file.

save as pdf photoshop

8. Now hit on “Save PDF

how to save as pdf in photoshop

9. If your PDF file is still too large then you can follow the previous 7 steps and then go to “Compression” just under “General” in the left side of save window.

10. In the option box just reduce the Image Quality from Maximum to High, Medium.