OREO TV APK Download for Android | iOS | FireStick

Nowadays, we are living a fabulous entertainment age with TV available in multiple ways. Some of the main participants are streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO. But just when we thought we had seen it all, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services that include Oreo TV got here. It can give us a massive amount of entertainment that includes them all and beyond.

Oreo TV APK already started to shine and stands out due to its amazing interface and the innovative features it offers. Besides, it is hard to beat it due to the amount and variety of channels you can watch.

Are you a sports lover? Oreo TV got you covered with live sports events. Are you a movie fan? Oreo TV App got you covered with the latest releases. Are you out of your country and miss your local TV stations? There are huge chances that OreoTV covers you because it offers most of the Asian channels and a great selection of American channels.

What is OREO TV APK?

OREO TV APK is an entertainment App that is part of the new generation of IPTV services. Initially, it was developed for Android mobile devices. But it is now possible to install it on multiple devices and operative systems, including iOS, PC, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Firestick.

Currently, it offers more than 6,000 TV channels from many countries around the world. You can either watch movies, TV shows, and any type of programs live or download them to your device.

OREO TV APK Download for Android | iOS | PC | FireStick | Smart TV

If you want to download Oreo TV APK on an Android device or smartphone, you need to install the App. This type of App is provided by the Android Package Kit System (APK) which is the alternative system that Android uses to delivers its Apps.

Luckily, it is as safe as Google Play Store. This is what is known as a “third-party application”. OreoTV APK download for Android requires that you find a reliable provider of APK file which you can find easily on the Internet.

Features of OREO TV APK v1.8.4 [ Latest Version]

Since its launch, OreoTV released several versions of its App and the newest one offers the following features:

Free movies and TV shows

Once you install the App, you can select a specific category dedicated only to movies and TV shows. The platform offers a wide selection of new movie releases and you can even access live TV shows from all over the world.

Classified category

All the content of the platform is classified according to the type of programs it offers. This is to say that you can find an icon for movies, sports, TV shows, and similar.

Favorite list

Once you target some shows, movies, or events that you love or want to see again, you can add them to a list of favorite programs. So, whenever you can access them again, you just have to clock on the list and pick the program. It saves you time and effort from a scroll down the long list over and over again when you want to repeat it.

HD videos

The last version of Oreo TV includes built-in video support for 4K HD videos. It allows you to enjoy movies, shows, sports, and other events with the highest quality and reality. If you prefer other video quality options, you can also choose among Full HD, 2k, and Ultra Quality features. Such preferences might come from personal preferences or by the original video quality of the movie, show that channels broadcast.

New specialties

The last version of OreoTV added new features to make the experience more enjoyable. Among them, you can see the following:

  • Dark mode for better visualization of the screen
  • PIP model which allows you to perform several tasks while watching your programs

Live TV Streaming

One of the most outstanding features of this App is that you can watch real live TV streaming. It doesn´t matter where you are located because once you install it, you can access channels form many countries.

What is new in the OreoTV App updated version?

The updated version starts with a new design of the home screen that is more friendly. Besides, it adds the Google Assistant that changes the look of the settings. Moreover, it includes the 4K HD feature that was not available in previous versions.

Disadvantages of OREO TV App

Despite this App is incredibly popular, it still has some little disadvantages as follows:

No subtitle support for different languages

Due that OREOTV delivers signals from channels all over the world, the programs come in different languages. However, they include subtitles neither in the original language nor in any other language. It applies to movies, live TV shows, sports, and the rest of the programming. 

Oreo TV for iOS, PC, Firestick

Originally, OreoTv was designed for Android devices. Nowadays, it can also be installed on iOS, PC, and Firestick. However, it doesn´t come naturally as it does with Android. This is to say that it is necessary to download an extra source or App to complete the proper installation.

Moreover, some functions might not be available for other platforms. As an example, on FireStick, some parts of the App require to use Mouse Toggle.

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Download latest version OREO TV APK

The latest version of OreoTV APK is the 1.8.4. So, if you want to enjoy the best features, make sure you download that version. You can enjoy the app on your phone, PC or smart TV by downloading it from the following link.

Download it NOW!!

How to Install OREOTV App on Android | Tab

  • Go to settings
  • Click on security
  • Click on Enable unknown sources
  • Download the app
  • Click on Install
  • Open the installation and start using the OreoTV app
OREOTV app On Android

Updated OREO TV APK 1.8.4 User Guide

The Oreo TV App is very easy and intuitive to use. After opening it up, the first thing you will find is the home screen. It contains different icons that refer to each category of videos you can find. When you click on one of them, it displays a list of possible channels you can access. Then, on the left side, you can open a window that will show different features you can choose from. Among them, PIP mode, Dark mode, live chat, FAQ list, player tips, and more.

OREOTV Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q. Is OreoTV safe?

A. Yes, you can be confident that you won´t get in trouble for using it. The App is completely safe and secure. Although you don´t find the App on the Google Play Store but in the Android APK, it doesn´t make it less secure. In reality, most of the Apps go first to the APK and then are released to the Google Play Store.

Q. This App Support Firestick, FireTV, Android TV?

A. Although Oreo TV wasn´t originally designed to support them, developers and programmers found the way to adapt it to these platforms. They might require additional steps and other apps to enable it but it can be installed there.

Q. Can I watch real-time TV on OreoTV?

A. Yes, you can watch real-time television on OreoTV. This feature is one of the most demanded. Also, it is one of the primary reasons why many people subscribe and use it.

Q. Is this App illegal?

A. No, this OreoTV App is not illegal at all. Indeed, you can download it and start watching its multiple channels without concern of being caught. Every day hundreds of people download it to visualize their favorite international TV shows. Also, major TV networks are aware of this method of broadcasting.

Q. Does it have PIP Mode?

A. Yes, it has a Picture in Picture (PIP) mode. It implies that you can reduce the size of one part of the screen and use other Apps or telephone functions while watching your favorite program. You won´t miss a thing.

Q. In TV Option, why is there no Full-Screen Button is not available?

A. Simply put, because it is the default option. However, it fits perfectly well in a full/large screen.

Q. Does this app requires root to install?

A. When it is installed on Android devices, it doesn´t require additional root.

Q. Is this a free app?

A. Yes, this is a free App. You only need to follow the necessary steps to download the App. Then, turn your device on, select the channel, and start enjoying our favorite programs.

Final thought about OreoTV App

Oreo TV APK is the ideal way to enjoy movies and TV Shows from all over the world. There has never been a better time to expand your entertainment sources because this App makes it easy for everyone. Also, it eases streaming TV channels on the big screen and the variety of channels reaches the Asian continent, including India, Bangladesh, and others. And more importantly, many cable TV channels from the USA and Canada are also on the list.