How to log out of google play on your phone?

how to log out of google play

If you want to gain some memory regarding your phone, you need to sign out of some accounts from your phone. This usually includes signing out of accounts which have been linked to your applications, either if you use them or not. There are a few steps that you can take into consideration regarding this. … Read more

How to Block Texts on Galaxy s5? Details Guide

how to block texts on galaxy s5

There will come a time in your life when you feel like you need to block some contacts on your phone. This is an action that can be taken on every type of phone . There is the possibility of your blocking text messages as well as calls. If you want to know how to … Read more

How to save a Photoshop as PDF in a minute

How to save a Photoshop as PDF

You can save any file format to PDF using Photoshop. Here is the step by step guide on save photoshop as PDF. 1. Open the desired file in Photoshop which one you want to save as PDF 2. Then go to “File” from Photoshop menu bar 3. Now select “Save as” from the drop down … Read more

How to Run IOS Apps on Android using emulator Apps?

How to run ios apps on android

Emulator apps are really handy tools that can enable users run iOS apps on android. They are free to download and easy to use. Some of them, like appetize can even run on your browser without any download. One of the main benefits of emulators is the fact they allow you run multiple devices using … Read more

How to Hide Apps on Android Without Rooting (4 ways)

how to hide apps on android without rooting

There are lots of applications you can enjoy in your android device. One of them is the hide app option where you can be able to hide some selected apps on your device. The good thing is hiding the apps is very simple. You can decide to unhide them or view the hidden app anytime … Read more