Ant Radio Service – Do You need this app?

what is ant radio service

Have you ever come across the name “radio” on your phone, and do you think it’s connected to multimedia things or an Fm app? You couldn’t be further than the truth. It’s an Ant Radio Service. All phones, standard or advance have radio and multimedia features which add excitement to the device. So, it’s not abnormal … Read more

How to log out of google play on your phone?

how to log out of google play

If you want to gain some memory regarding your phone, you need to sign out of some accounts from your phone. This usually includes signing out of accounts which have been linked to your applications, either if you use them or not. There are a few steps that you can take into consideration regarding this. … Read more

What is Ant HAL service and Is it safe?

ant hal service

ANT HAL is not like your usual app where they are visible for you to see how they operate. The service usually comes pre-installed in your phone by the phone’s manufacturer. If you are wondering what it does and whether it’s possible to uninstall it from your phone? The answers to the following questions will … Read more